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All You Need To Know About the Google Ads Certification

If you are new in digital marketing and looking for making a career in this field, or if you are an advertising professional who wants to enhance your digital marketing skills, you can start with Google ads certification. The acquisition of the Google ads certification lets people know that you are a professional in the field of digital marketing and advertising. But the acquisition of the Google ads certification is not an easy task. This article presents you with all the essentials about Google ads certification. You should have knowledge and experience in different fields of digital advertisement and the best optimizing and managing practices for Google ads campaigns. You should also know how you should run your advertising campaign and what can make it a success or a failure.

What Is the Google Ads Certification?

Google ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers. Those who have high-level proficiency in understanding Google ads can get this certification easily. People who have Google ads certification are recognized as experts in the field of online advertising. You can get this certification through Skill Shop, Google’s online training, and certification program. There are six types of assessments with the relevant course and helping material is available by Google. Top academic experts have discussed All these six assessments below:

It evaluates your ability to formulate an advertising strategy. The strategy is for the Google display network and the use of Google display for generating brand awareness, accessing new and existing consumers and elevating customer retention.

This assessment test how good you can generate Google search campaigns. How well you can optimize them for specifications based on your targeted goals. It evaluates how you use Google ad tools like audience solutions.

It evaluates how good you can make use of Google Analytics to monitor and track campaigns and performance parameters like app downloads, lead generations and sales.

This assessment evaluates your ability to create and optimize video ad campaigns for Google video and YouTube.

Shopping Ads:

This assessment evaluates your knowledge of successful Google Shopping ad campaigns, explains skills with smart shopping campaigns, and showcase shopping ads.

Google Ads app certification evaluate your skills in creating, optimising, and analysing Google apps and campaigns. The time you have for completing each assessment is 75 minutes. Each exam has 45 to 50 questions. You have to get 80 % or more marks to pass each exam. Only the Google ads Apps certification assessment needs 70 % marks to pass. You have to wait a day if you fail in any exam to take the other. These assessments are completely free of cost. If you have passed these assessments, your Google Ads Certification remains valid for a year. After a year, you have to take the exam again to keep hard-earned certificates. For taking these exams, you also have to prepare before taking the exam.

Preparation for the Acquisition of the Certification

These Google Ads assessments have specifications from different areas of expertise. It focuses on your ability to serve ads in Google Search Network, YouTube, Display and Mobile Ad campaigns, and Google Merchant Center. You can get 100 % marks if you follow the following steps for preparing to get Google ads certification.

The first thing Google recommends to do for taking these assessments is to get some on the job experience. You are working practically in a field that matter a lot. You must have field experience using Google Ads before you start preparing for the exam. Further, you must have a knowledge of digital advertising ideas and practices. You should know how you can manage various types of Google ads campaigns.

Also, you have to choose the Google ads assessment you would like to take if you do not know what to choose, you can get started from Google Ads Search and Display certifications. These assessments have a wide range of practices for Google ads and skills you want to learn and which are widely in use in this field. Shopping Ads certification is useful for marketers who work in the retailing and e-commerce field. The skill shop page has links for assessments, free courses and helping material so that you can fully prepare for the test.

You have to simply go to the Google Ads certification page in Skill Shop and select your exam. The assessment page has guides for study to aid you in planning and tracking your progress. The link you have in the study guide takes you to a Google course that teaches you about different assessments. The assessments are in Skill Shop on the same page, which has the study materials. Click on the link, and Google will review the rules of assessment before you start the exam. The time limit you will have will be shown on the screens. You cannot close and pause the browser once you have started, so make sure you are fully prepared before you take the exam.

Final Thoughts

Google Ads Certification is not all about learning, though. It seems a lot of work you have to do to get your certification, but it is worth that effort. The Google ads certification depict to your employer, colleagues and other people that you are an expert in the field of online advertising. The most important thing about getting Google ads certification is that it makes you a better marketer and advertiser. You will be able to learn how you can form more successful and productive campaigns.

How can you analyze their performance with Google analytics? On the whole, Google ads certification adds a lot to your advertising and marketing skills. You get to know about the new strategies for online marketing and advertising. This certification is of great help if you want to work in the field of digital marketing and advertising. It can give you a good start or a good push if you are already working in this field.

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