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How to fix Facebook not working Issue? 

facebook not working

Facebook is the largest social media platform and it has billions of active monthly users. Facebook is not just restricted to chatting or sharing media but also you can shop your favorites from here with the help of the new feature that is Facebook Marketplace. But also Facebook faces many issues. Has your Facebook stopped? This article will give you some solutions to solve the issue.

Why is Facebook not working

Why is Facebook not working? There are multiple reasons if your Facebook account has stopped working and some of the reasons have been stated below:

  • Close and reopen the application: Is Facebook not turning out just for you? Then, at that point, you need to begin checking out conceivable neighborhood issues. At times applications can leave whack, and something as straightforward as shutting the application or site, and resuming it, may fix the issue. It might likewise assist with logging out and logging back in. This ought to resync everything and move the pinions once again into the right spot.
  • Check the updates: Some people complain that Facebook doesn’t work. Some of the time having a more established variant of an application might cause issues. If issues continue, you need to ensure you’re running the most recent adaptation of the application. Head over to the Google Play Store (or any application store you use) and check for any accessible updates. Get the most recent form and check to assume Facebook is working.
  • Restart the device: Why is FB not working? Gracious, old-fashioned restart arrangement. Doing this fixes around 90% of all my tech issues. Take a stab at restarting the gadget when Facebook isn’t working. This frequently gets things back going.
  • Clear cache: Your Facebook isn’t working? Reserve is generally great. This information stays accessible locally for faster access, rather than downloading it each time you see it. It’s likewise evident information can be debased and make issues. It doesn’t damage to clear it sometimes, particularly when Facebook is down. We’ve added guidelines for doing this both on Android and Chrome.

Clear Chrome cache: Open the Chrome browser and click on the settings. Go into privacy and security. and click on clear the history. Clear the cache and also for smooth functioning, you can clear all the cookies.

Clear cache on Android: Go to settings and open Facebook. Click on storage and cache and clear all the cache.

Check whether Facebook isn’t working or not. If not, then hit the next solution. 

  • Internet connection: Why is Facebook not working? On the off chance that you utilize the Facebook Android application, you probably won’t see you’re not associated with the web from the outset since you’re right now seeing the reserved posts. Be that as it may, when you wrap up reviewing the reserved posts, you won’t see more current posts once more. That doesn’t mean your Facebook application is down. It very well maybe your web association. Compassionately have a go at opening a website page with your program to check whether it works. If not, compassionate reconnect to your versatile organization or WiFi.
  • Check the storage: If your Facebook isn’t working, check the storage. You need to have enough storage space that can handle its processes. If your Facebook application is not loading, then you need to check your storage space from the settings first. If there is not enough storage, clear some so that the application can run smoothly. 

We hope that the article provided you with the best solutions if your Facebook isn’t working. You can also try these solutions if you are facing any problem using the Facebook application. 

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