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How can I stop automatic payments from my bank account?


Feb 15, 2022 ,
How can I stop automatic payments from my bank account

Federal law provides certain protections for recurring automatic debit payments. You have the right to stop a business from charging automatic prices from your account, even if you previously allowed them. For example, you may decide to cancel your membership or service with the company or choose to pay another way.

If you decide you want to stop automatic debit payments from your account, you must:

Step 1: Call and write the company 

Tell the company that you are revoking your permission to withdraw automatic payments from your bank account. This is called “revocation of the authorization.”

Step 2: Call and write your bank or credit union

Tell your bank that you have revoked the authorization for the company to collect automatic payments from your account. Some banks and credit unions may offer you an online form.

Step 3: Send your bank a “stop payment order”

Even if you haven’t revoked your authorization with the company. You can prevent an automatic payment from being charged to your account by giving your bank a “stop payment order.”. This instructs your bank not to allow the company to collect payments from your account.

Here’s how you can make a stop payment order:

  1. To stop the next scheduled payment. Give your bank a stop payment order at least three business days before the amount is scheduled. You can deliver the request in person, by phone, or writing.
  2. You may need to send your bank a written stop payment order to stop future payments. If your bank requests a written order, be sure to provide it within 14 days of your oral notification
  3. Be prepared to include a copy of your authorization revocation letter to the company (see step 1), along with your stop payment order.

Step 4: Keep an eye on your accounts 

Notify your bank or credit union immediately if you notice a payment that you did not allow (authorize). Or a payment collected after you revoked your authorization. Federal law gives you the right to dispute any unauthorized transfer from your account. And get your money back, as long as you notify your bank on time.

You should know that banks charge a fee for executing a stop payment order. Furthermore, canceling automatic payments does not cancel your contract with the company. If you want to cancel a contract for services, such as cable or gym. Be sure to cancel that contract with the company and notify them to stop their automatic billing. If you cancel the automatic payments on a loan, you will still have to continue paying that loan.

If you are experiencing problems with a bank account or other financial product or service. Submit a complaint to the CFPB online.

What is the procedure to close a bank checking account?

The account holder must go to the bank and request its closing in writing with the payroll of the checks issued and not yet presented for payment, indicating their corresponding amounts, inform the canceled ones. And return to the bank all the new reviews that they keep, giving the bank receipt in which the numbering of such formulas will be recorded.

In addition, you must keep the funds accredited for the amount corresponding to the total of the routine and deferred payment checks not yet presented for collection.

In the case of a current account holder who has the status of financial services, electronic mechanisms must be offered to carry out the closing. This, to the extent that they are current accounts that do NOT have checks.

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