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Why Manager Engagement Is Important

Manager Engagement Is Important

Business owners know that manager engagement is vital for the ongoing success of their organisation. Employee disengagement costs the economy billions every year, a figure which ultimately affects the bottom line of every single business in the country. It’s a cost you should avoid and fortunately it is relatively easy to do. So how do you make sure the employee engagement needle is pointing in the right direction? Higher wages, lunches and ping-pong tables only go so far which puts mangers in the hot seat. 

Their approach to company culture drives the greatest results because managers are the ones who pull the levers of operations, performance and change. They help create the conditions in which employees are most engaged and a business thrives. But when they’re having an off-day, or their minds are missing-in-action, everyone’s in trouble. Disengaged managers damage business operations. 

That’s why encouraging manager engagement is one of the most important activities a business can be focussed on. A good manager is, by nature, a good leader. They are engaged in the company and its culture, and expect the same from those in their teams. They build trust and relationships, and promote accountability. Above all, they foster growth through engagement – both staff and their own.

I’ve been with the same company for well over a decade simply because they truly understand what their  staff care about. The culture’s dynamic, exciting and it boosts employee engagement. I turn up for work  ready to make a difference because I feel the skills I bring to the organisation are valued and appreciated. That’s why manager engagement is so important. 

Employees who are truly engaged in their role will drive your business forward, and creating a culture in which that happens is one of the most important achievements for any manager. They do that that by being fully engaged themselves. 

Manager engagement brings new, refreshing ideas and ways of working to an organisation. They challenge and excite staff, they bring about change by tapping into people’s motivation. This is the holy grail of engagement, and three things will make all the difference.


Everyone wants the opportunity to develop and grow in their role. It’s the #1 concern for new employees, #5 for any employee (or, for that matter, any manager. They’re human too). Prioritising development in a formal programme has a significant impact on team motivation. 


A little thanks goes a long way, yet recognising employee contribution happens a lot less than you’d think and remains one of the top reasons for dissatisfaction and disengagement. Showing you care reaps its own rewards.


Talking to team members openly and regularly is the cornerstone of manager engagement. Reaching out fosters a sense of ownership that helps create a positive workplace culture.

You may be reading this because you’re looking to help your manager do their job better or you’re a manager looking for a few tips on how to be more engaging yourself. Either way, it’s fantastic that you’re actively thinking about manager engagement. Your business will thank you for it.

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